Manuel Higueras

Manuel Higueras

Manuel Higueras was born in July 1973 in Barcelona, and soon after, his family moved and settled in Malaga. He began painting at the age of six, and it quickly became obvious that he expressed a talent and a sensitivity that was unusual for a child. 

Naturally, he stood out from other artists, with his characteristically hyper-realistic style and his great ability to innovate concepts that play with observers’ perception as they admire his work. 

Higueras also taught in various schools throughout Spain, training and inspiring hundreds of students.

Biografia Manuel Higueras

He is highly acclaimed and obtained his first three international awards for the following works:Time (2010), The Boy Who Dreamed of Ithaca (2011), and Victoria Street, 7:30 a.m. (2013). In 2019, he was selected as a finalist for the Reina Sofia Painting and Sculpture Award for his painting, Illuminated Reality.

His artworks have been exhibited in some of the top galleries in the world, including in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia, Japan, the United States, Mexico, and more. He has portrayed well-known celebrities like the Torres chefs, ballerina María Abashova, football player Andrés Iniesta, race car driver Marc Márquez, gymnast Almudena Cid, basketball player Pau Gasol, badminton player Carolina Marín, and tennis star Rafael Nadal, among others. 

Currently, Higueras is immersed in prominent projects, notably My Hands, My Life. This collection of paintings reflects the origins and development of the fruit and vegetable industry in the province of Almeria, Spain, recognized as the main exporter of fresh produce in Europe.  

True to his hyper-emphatic art style, his other collection takes us into the world of dance and sport, depicting big, international names engaged in their disciplines.

“Hyperemphatic Art”. This new way of expressing and transmitting emotions consists of integrating real-life elements in pictorial works. Supporting materials participate in the pieces themselves, creating a well-defined three-dimensional experience through which viewers can appreciate the effects of the artwork with their five senses: sight, touch, smell, taste, and even sound… 

Manuel Higueras is considered one of the best hyperrealist painters in the world, and works exclusively with the prestigious Spanish firm, the Trino Tortosa Art Gallery.