World-renowned artist Manuel Higueras surpasses himself with each of his artistic endeavors. And on this occasion, his Illuminated Memory also managed to take the spotlight in Spain’s most important painting competition, the Reina Sofía Painting and Sculpture Award. He never ceases to amaze critics and professionals alike with his approach to the century-old technique of oil painting. Since oil painting was introduced in Europe in the 15th century, it has become one of the most versatile pictorial styles, and is considered to be the painting technique par excellence.  

The Process Behind Manuel Higueras’ Latest Masterpiece

In his painting Illuminated Memory, Manuel Higueras was inspired by one of the rooms in Casa Bascan in Malaga. The process of capturing all the composition’s details took place over 16 days. This hyperrealist oil painting reflects the elegance of each element, of each line, colour, and play of light—a meticulous representation of all aspects of the room. 

Before starting this painting, Higueras made a prayer to the Virgin, asking her to accompany him in his day-to-day process. With this internal peace, each stroke produced by the artist’s hands and each detail formed by his brushes enable the pigments to come to life in a perfect composition. 

As an artist, Higueras analyzes each step of the ongoing work with an extraordinary sensitivity, allowing him to faithfully render the exact details of the scene he is capturing on canvas. His incredible capacity to appreciate and depict minute details, often unperceivable to others, has helped this extraordinary painter gain international fame.