Elements of beauty, delicacy, elegance, and exquisiteness are firmly present in this hyperrealistic portrait by Manuel Higueras. According to the esteemed art critic, Trino Tortosa, the incredibly prestigious team formed with dancer María Abashova and photographer Vadim Stein has produced one of the most beautiful artworks of our time.

María Abashova, The Ballerina

As we admire this extraordinary work of art, we can’t help but wonder who is this breathtaking muse that has inspired several world-renowned artists. She is María Abashova.

María Abashova is the famous lead dancer of St. Petersburg’s Eifman Ballet. She studied at the Europaballett Conservatory in St. Pölten, Austria, and became recognized by many as one of the world’s greatest ballerinas in Boris Eifman’s representation of Anna Karenina. 

As such, this wonderful dancer has received several awards honouring her talent. In this particular project, María poses in such a way that highlights her determination and strength, without losing any of the elegance and beauty that define her.


Photographer Vadim Stein

Vadim Stein is the prestigious photographer who was able to capture María’s incredible work through his lens. Without his magnificent shot, this impressive oil painting would not have been possible.  

This photographer from St. Petersburg, Russia, boasts a remarkable collection of photographs, most of which are presented in black and white. All of Vadim’s images are a re-creation and manifestation of a reality designed by the photographer himself.  

Vadim’s work encompasses strong, forceful concepts or elements wrapped up in soft eroticism and a fragile and subtle sensuality. Delve deeper into the feelings of ecstasy produced by his images by contemplating his work at Art Limited. This surprising photographer has built an international name for himself with his stunning images of the artistic world of dance. 


Manuel Higueras, the Painter from Malaga

Manuel Higueras is the painter behind this magnificent project. The artist gave life to The Ballerina on canvas, creating a uniquely beautiful and extraordinary hyperrealist work of art. 

Manuel is a well-known, self-taught painter from Malaga. Each of his works is immersed in the realm of hyperrealism and stands out notoriously in the art world. He began painting at the tender age of six, and his artistic career has been defined by numerous awards and successes achieved in many different countries. His work can be found in some of the world’s most prestigious art galleries. 

This ambitious project is considered to be one of the best pictorial collections found today. 

Three of the art world’s top personalities, each outstanding in their corresponding disciplines, collaborated to make this masterpiece a reality. Aficionados and lovers of hyperrealism can admire this oil painting on canvas, which measures 160 cm x 120 cm, in the prestigious Trino Tortosa Art Gallery.

What does this work convey? 

Magic, beauty, realism, and strength emanate from this astounding work of art. The painting displays an authentic, flowing symbol of respect and admiration for art and dance, all within one physical space. 

This is the portrait of an artist who possesses a pure, genuine talent as she dances beautifully, freely, though her space. It allows spectators to capture and observe a body in the midst of a fluid, ecstatic movement, in a pose that is unique, and almost impossible to achieve. 

Nevertheless, it depicts a sensuality replete with passion and strength, conveyed through Manuel Higueras’ hyperrealist signature style. The entire canvas reflects great artistic and aesthetic sentiment, through which we can experience a broad range of emotions. It’s no wonder this painting has become a reference as well as a legacy in the world of dance.