The collection of paintings, My Hands, My Life, was created to connect art to the fruit and vegetable sector in which Spanish culture is so deeply rooted. It has taken more than two years and the efforts and collaboration of dozens of people to bring this project into fruition. 

The result is a tribute to the work of farmers, agricultural labourers, administrators, and small and large landowners. We should be proud of them all—they are a fine example of multiracial coexistence, devoid of discrimination based on sex, age, or culture. 

With this in mind, Higueras has produced a dozen oil paintings on canvas depicting the hard-working hands of the industry’s various participants. Women and men, young and old, of different ethnicities, present the fruits of their daily labour. Each painting is an example of sophistication and progress in a field as fundamentally basic as agriculture.

This collection has been exhibited in some of Europe’s most important commercial fairs, including Fruit Attraction in Madrid, Fruit Logistica in Berlin, Infoagro in Almeria, and many others

What’s more, the collection was designed in a captivating, never-before-seen style called Hyperemphatic Art, which was born of the determination to achieve newer, better results.

This great project will continue to be exhibited in reputable venues around the world.